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Look Ma! We’re on the TV!

Look Ma! We’re on the TV!

Been watching TV recently? Then you might’ve seen the happy, smiling faces of our team in this delightful little clip:

Hmm, remember a little more than that? Don’t worry, you weren’t just dreaming about more of Jason’s face. You might’ve seen this full-length version:

Neat, huh? TV is a new thing for OPTSC this year, but Matthew’s especially enjoyed his little taste of show business.

So much so, in fact, that starting tomorrow he’ll be doing a series of segments for CTV’s “Ask the Experts.” It’s a segment that happens every Monday morning after 9:00AM where you have the chance to ask a particular expert your questions via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or by calling in live to the show. This week Matthew will be talking about running evaluations, so all you Ottawa Race Weekend runners can get your last few questions in before the big day! That’s right, no appointment required.

Want to ask a question? Here’s how:




Phone: 613-789-6559 ext. 2803

Be sure to tune into to CTV Morning Live for the answers!

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