Physiotherapy treatment is a recognized and effective solution for musculoskeletal problems. Your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough consultation including the history of your problem, and a detailed examination. Assessment may include tests of muscle flexibility, strength, joint movement and other special tests which are all provided at our Barrhaven, Westboro, Orleans, Old Ottawa East and Hunt Club locations.

Once a problem has been identified, we will discuss and implement a physiotherapy treatment plan specific to your needs. We will also teach you how to help yourself get better and stay better.

The Science

Our physiotherapists at our Barrhaven physiotherapy, Orleans physiotherapy and Westboro Physiotherapy locations are trained in the most effective and up- to-date treatments available. Physiotherapists use many tools to provide integrated and effective treatment. You may require manual therapy, including joint mobilization or manipulation, corrective exercise, postural retraining or other physical treatments. Physiotherapists also use electrotherapy and other treatments such as acupuncture or Intramuscular Stimulation, if useful for your condition.

The Benefits

Response to treatment depends on the nature of the problem. Many patients see rapid changes and pain relief, while others with more complicated problems will improve with work and time. Regardless, you can be sure that you will have the best quality of treatment for your problem, and the tools to help yourself get better.

When people think of physiotherapy, they often think of the ‘machines’ we commonly use (listed below). These types of treatment have been around for many decades, and are helpful in treating acute injuries more often than chronic ones. If there is a modality that will help you, we will certainly offer it, but don’t be surprised if your problem resolves without any of these ‘traditional’ types of treatment. It all depends on your particular condition.

What types of Physiotherapy Modalities do we have?