Athletic Performance Evaluation Ottawa


The basis of creating any program is assessing the ability of the individual athlete. All athletes complete a series of movement skill tests prior to program design. Testing evaluates stability, strength, speed, endurance, agility, and power.

The Athletic Performance Evaluation (APE) consists of several tests designed to establish a baseline of athletic ability. Tests are selected based upon the athlete and the sport(s) he or she participates in. *Note: The APE can be attended by one to many athletes, providing all are participating in the same sport.

Performance Training consists of the design and implementation of a personalized training regimen, designed to improve areas of athletic performance indicated by the results of the Physical Performance Evaluation, by request of the athlete, or the attributes generally accepted for a given sport. Presently, all testing is done by Mathew Pulickal, Certified Exercise Physiologist, who works at the Barrhaven physiotherapy, Orleans physiotherapy and Westboro physiotherapy locations in the city.