Ottawa Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction often causes incontinence, sexual pain, and pelvic organ prolapse in women.

As the issue is personal, many women ignore the discomfort and don't openly talk about it. 1 in 3 women suffer from pelvic floor disorders and there is help available. Know that you are not alone and there is absolutely nothing to be anxious about!

At OPTSC, we develop our Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Programs according to your needs, and these programs are far less intrusive than surgical or pharmaceutical treatments.

Eliminating discomfort from your life

Pelvic floor rehabilitation programs are nothing new, but they have become more widespread in recent years.

There may be several different causes of pelvic floor muscle disorder, which makes unique rehabilitation programs necessary to cater to the individual's needs. The good news is that this degree of customization is highly effective at addressing the underlying issues and resolving the symptoms.

Our specially-trained physiotherapist, Marlee Held will help you understand your condition, their causes and provide you with specifically-designed exercise programs with hands-on treatments.

With minimal lifestyle changes, coupled with carefully designed exercises, you can see massive improvements.

Pregnancy, postpartum and beyond

Pregnancy and childbirth can be two of the largest milestones in a woman's life. Extraordinary changes in the body take place during this phase, such as swollen feet, stretch marks, wider hips AND - in some cases - the weakening of muscles in the pelvic area.

Unfortunately, the weakened muscles puts mothers at an increased risk for incontinence, symptoms related to prolapse and general pelvic weakness. These problems may become worse with time.

A trained physiotherapist can save you a lot of discomfort by intercepting the pelvic floor dysfunction at an early stage. At OPTSC, our programs are designed for women who have delivered both vaginally or by C-section. Regular visits with a specifically trained physiotherapist are also an excellent resource throughout your pregnancy to help you through the process and mitigate some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Sexual Pain

Women can experience discomfort at an early age, making the use of tampons and sexual intercourse difficult or even painful. Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction can make having an intimate physical relationship more difficult than it needs to be.

Many people don't realize that pelvic muscle disorders can cause discomfort and may be prescribed medication or focus only on psychological counselling due to an incorrect diagnosis.

Many women experience these symptoms after their first sexual encounter, gynaecological exam or even as a result of hormonal changes throughout their life. Regardless of the cause of onset, our trained physiotherapist Marlee is equipped to address these problems through consultation, exercises and daily regimens to address the underlying issues.

Is physiotherapy right for you?

Physiotherapy can provide you with effective relief from a chronic ailment while being cost-effective.

The best way to decide if this approach is for you is to book a consultation with an appropriately trained physiotherapist. In the session, the physiotherapist will:

Physiotherapeutic treatment can help you overcome pelvic muscle disorder issues and give you back the control that you deserve.

Book a consultation with us now to see if physiotherapy can help you.

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