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Avoid Winter Injuries

Avoid Winter Injuries

The ski hills are open, the canal is frozen, and you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to shovel the driveway. Oh, what joy winter brings! All that snow and ice can also bring along injuries, so it’s important to take extra care out there.

  • Be careful: yeah, yeah, take care because it’s slippery out, we all know that. Most of us don’t heed that advice though. When winter strikes you get winter tires and drive more slowly on icy roads. You should take the same care with yourself. Wear shoes with good traction for walking around and keep an extra pair at the office to make sure you’re still conforming to dress code. Allow a little extra time for getting around and moving a bit more slowly will help you avoid the embarrassment of slipping when you’re out in public, and save you a bruise or two!
  • Warm up: in this weather, the only warming up you want to do is by the fire with hot cocoa after a full day on the slopes. You should also be warming up before you start. Do the first 10 minutes of your skate/ski/snowshoe at a slower pace. Start with a few blue runs before you drift over to the black diamonds.
  • Cool down: when it’s cold outside your instinct is to dash into the chalet right after a session. Don’t just stand about in the cold, but remember to dial down to a lower intensity before you finish up for the day. It signals to your body that activity time is coming to an end, and the drink you’ve earned is soon to come.
Start slowly: New Years Resolutions and months of non-winter sports can lead to “too much too soon”. Where does that get you? Very likely injured. Off-season cross training is the best way to make sure you’re ready once the snow base builds, but not everyone has thought that far ahead. If you haven’t, start slow. Or come in to see one of our physiotherapists: we can help identify any imbalances or instabilities you might have. Call any of our clinics so we can help you stay injury free now, instead of treating you for the rest of the year!

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