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Today we learned: shoulders are complicated things!

Today we learned: shoulders are complicated things!

Today we learned: shoulders are complicated things. Here you are thinking it’s just a joint, but it’s actually a complex. Mmm hmmm, there’s a bunch of joints and bits in there, which means shoulder injuries are tricky. Gardening, golfing, swimming, home renovations, working out…now especially with the debut of this gorgeous summer weather, shoulder injuries are starting to flare up. Not so surprising, since it’s essentially impossible to do something with your arm and not move your shoulder. No wonder they end up getting all injured.

Remember how your mother told you not to slouch? It’s not just because she wanted you to look smart. It’s because she didn’t want you to have chronic shoulder problems. Posture has a huge impact on the health of your body! Work at a desk all day? Experience shoulder pain? You’re most certainly not alone. Here is Matthew’s take on it:

The neck joint’s connected to the shoulder joint, the shoulder joint’s connected to the elbow joint…and everything’s connected by nerves! Pain in one place isn’t necessarily indicative of an injury there, so how do you figure out where the issue actually is? Well, we know a few physiotherapists that would be pleased as punch to help you out:

The last of our “ask the expert” segments is scheduled for July 8th, so be sure to start brainstorming.

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