OPTSC is now offering Gentle Yoga at the Orleans Location

Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Dates: March 14 to April 25 2017
Cost: $70.00 for the 7 week series

Fridays from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Dates: March 17 to April 28 2017 (Note no class on April 14)
Cost: $60.00 for the 6 week series
For information and registration please contact the Yoga Teacher, Sandy Jones.
Please visit her website at http://www.sandyjonesyoga.com

For more information on class schedules and costs please visit: https://sandyjonesyoga.com/class-schedule


Initial visit: $90.00 (one body part)
Subsequent visits: $80.00 (one body part)


Approved coverage
MVA claims: no charge


Initial visit: $140
Subsequent visit: $115 (If subsequent visits are supervised)


Initial visit: $140
Subsequent visit: $115 (If subsequent visits are supervised)


Initial visit: $90.00
Subsequent visit: $80.00


Initial visit: $140.00
Subsequent visit: $120.00


Dietitian assessment: $115
Dietitian Follow up: $75
Individualized meal plan: 300$ (initial assessment + 7-day individualized meal plan)

Package #1: Regular dietitian package: 315$ (save 25$ - initial assessment + 3 follow-ups)
Package #2: NEW: Weight loss package: 450$ (save 40$ - initial assessment + 5 follow-ups)
Package #3: Individualized meal plan package: 485$ (save 40$ - initial assessment + 3 follow-ups + 7-day individualized meal plan)

The initial dietitian consultation includes a one-on-one visit with our Ottawa dietitian for 1 hour. During this consult, the dietitian will complete your nutrition assessment, discuss your goals, and will help you develop a plan to meet your nutritional needs.

Please note: All dietitian packages must be completed within 6 months from the date of the assessment. No exceptions or they will expire.

Extended Health Care Benefits and DIRECT BILLING

Most Extended Health Plans will cover physiotherapy and acupuncture treatments. Please check with your insurance provider for more detailed information regarding the benefits available to you.

Please note that, at this time, there are only a few insurance providers that will allow us to bill directly to them. If your insurance provider is: BLUE CROSS (RCMP) or BLUE CROSS (VETERANS AFFAIRS), please feel free to notify our staff if you would like direct billing implemented.