Ottawa Chronic Pain Therapist


Health care has changed in recent decades and the Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics are adapting to these changes. Early activity for recovery of function is now encouraged, and the impairment model has broadened to include psychosocial components. A multidisciplinary team approach now includes the patient as an educated and active participant and physiotherapy treatments emphasize activity.

Our Role

Our role as physiotherapists has changed from healer to helper. Physiotherapists from our Barrhaven physiotherapy, Orleans physiotherapy and Westboro physiotherapy locations help our client address and overcome physical and psychological obstacles, return to activities, and achieve personal goals.

A patient-centered rehabilitative approach that emphasizes restoration of normal movement and function incorporates physiotherapy as a vital component of the collaborative approach required for effective pain management.

Rehabilitation strategies are individualized to optimize improvement in physical function. Activity, activity-related goal setting and pacing of activity play key roles in the rehabilitation of our clients with chronic pain.

Our individualized exercise regimens are regular, and gradually increase in duration and intensity. We have found that adherence is greatest with exercises that are easily incorporated into a client’s routine. Clients are also more likely to participate in exercises or activities that they find interesting, especially if others are involved. We have found that through the use of a combination of physiotherapyIntramuscular Stimulationacupuncturemassage therapy and exercise programs we have developed a significant referral base with clients that suffer from chronic pain.