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Thumbs…down. Skier’s thumb is no fun

Thumbs…down. Skier’s thumb is no fun

Winter just. won’t. end. Good! That means you’re all still skiing, and today’s post is still relevant.

Kidding! Of course this post is relevant, it’s about an injury commonly known as skier’s thumb, but it doesn’t actually discriminate. We’re referring to a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in the thumb after an extreme force pulls the thumb away from the palm of the hand. That extreme force could be you hurtling down a mountainside with a ski-pole in hand, bailing, and falling while holding onto the aforementioned pole. Or you could’ve been rock climbing, or you might’ve caught a ball funny, or were playing a ridiculously violent game of rock-paper-scissors. Doesn’t matter how it went down, we’re going to talk about your sore thumb.

About that thumb, it’s sore, yeah? Feels weak when you pinch or pick things up? See a bit of bruising around the joint? Run your other hand along it and maybe feel a little bump? Take a deep breath, and don’t panic. Our physiotherapists know just what to do.

If it’s a minor tear and you get in right away, you’ll probably be right as rain after a few physiotherapy sessions. You may need to immobilize your thumb with sports tape when doing activities, and your physiotherapist can give you some guidance. If your sports injury knee brace is more serious, you may need to immobilize the thumb with a “thumb spica” cast for a few weeks. Immobilization is important to let the ligament heal, and then treatment to help get your strength and range of motion back can begin.

Think you’ve got a case of skier’s thumb? Give any of our clinics a call to see a physiotherapist. Otherwise, thumbs up for a few more days of skiing!

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