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Ottawa Race Weekend! The aftermath…

Ottawa Race Weekend! The aftermath…

CONGRATULATIONS RUNNERS! Another Ottawa Race Weekend over, and we hope many of you hit some new PRs! Now that it’s been a few days we also hope you’ve taken some time to relax and let the soreness dissipate. Wish you would’ve stretched a bit better? Matthew made some stretching recommendations on Ask The Expert this week:

Still feeling sore? In might be more than just general after-race aches. Wondering if you should come in and see us? In this next segment Matthew talks a little bit about if you should be booking an appointment. Frustrated that you’re hurting despite all your training? Don’t sweat it – totally normal and Matthew outlines why:

Arthritis, doctor’s referrals, and did you know we have subsidized rates for people without insurance? All in this last segment:

That’s it for now. The next segment will be June 17th, so be sure to jot your questions down!

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