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OPTSC Presents: Nick!

OPTSC Presents: Nick!

With three busy clinics we’ve got quite a few physiotherapists kickin’ around OPTSC. Remember Andrew? Of course, how could you forget a face like that! Today we’re going to introduce you to another handsome member of our team: Nick Antaya.

That’s Nick!

Nick decided to go into physiotherapy because he was inspired by his dad, but in a different way than you might imagine. His father wasn’t a physiotherapist, but a police officer. Unfortunately he was also the victim of a catastrophic accident; Nick’s father was hit by an 18-wheeler while standing next to his cop car. He broke every rib on the left, punctured a lung, and suffered head trauma as well as a multitude of other injuries. He spent 2 weeks in the intensive care unit where they didn’t think he would make it. Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending! Nick’s father did intensive rehabilitation with physiotherapy. It was the impact physiotherapy had, not just on his father but the entire family, that led Nick towards life as a physiotherapist.

In 2007 Nick completed and undergraduate degree in Health Sciences (Honours) at the University of Ottawa. Instead of just froshing and keg stands, he also completed his personal training certifications. Yep, he’s ambitious, and completed his Masters Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Ottawa in 2009. Even with all that training Nick didn’t slow down, and is currently one of the youngest physiotherapists in Ottawa to have competed his Level Three’s in manual therapy. Nick really knows his stuff.

What are his favourite injuries to treat with all that knowledge? He loves any injury to do with running! Whether it is a back, knee or ankle injury, running injuries are truly unique to each individual. Nick enjoys the challenge of running injuries, since you must look at many factors to determine what could be contributing to the issue. Oh, and runners will typically also run even if you tell them not too, so it always make things…interesting.

That’s Nick…running!

How does Nick know runners so well? He’s an avid long distance runner himself. Nick recently completed a personal best at the most recent Ottawa Race Weekend half marathon, cracking the top 300 finishers! He’s hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon in the next year. Want someone to empathize with your shin splints or your “NEED” to get your 50 kms in this week? Nick’s your guy.

He might be a runner, but Nick’s got all types of injuries and imbalances covered. Having seen the effect of intensive physiotherapy first hand, you better believe he truly understands the process. His biggest tip: follow the recommendations that are given to you by your physiotherapist, and yes, that means your exercises! Right from the man himself: “a large part of the rehabilitation process is the homework we give people for home. I can guarantee your progress will be much faster if you stick to our plan.” If you want to hear more of Nick’s great advice, be sure to tune into CTV’s “Ask The Expert” on July 8th. He’ll be stealing the limelight from Matthew and happy to answer any of your physiotherapy related questions.

Oh , and don’t fret, Nick’s not ALL business. He also loves to golf, fish, wakeboard and snowboard. Oh, and he’s got a 14 month old daughter, Mackenzie, if you want to talk about on/off sleep deprivation. “Thank goodness for coffee…and the occasional glass of wine.”

Nick works exclusively out of our Barrhaven location. To book your appointment with Nick, please give us a call at: 613-825-8548

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