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Running Training Schedule

Running Training Schedule

The running training schedule below is Step 2 of our Beginners Running Program which will help you to learn how to start jogging if you have never done it before. This running training program aims to increase you endurance or fitness to run for a long period of time.  I’m hoping that these beginner tips helps to answer the questions from all clinics at the Ottawa Physiotherapy sites including Barrhaven physiotherapy, Westboro physiotherapy, and Orleans physiotherapy locations.

hings you should know about running shoes, clothes, running cramps and running stretches before you start your daily workout schedules.

So, you have clearance from your doctor, bought a good pair of running shoes and full of motivation to lose weight, get fit and better yourself, so let’s get started!

Duration of the program – 12 weeks

Always warm up properly before you start by walking for 5 – 10 minutes. You should always finish running with cool down – 5- 10 minutes walk.

Running Training Schedule, Beginners Running Program, Daily Workout Schedules

Running Training Schedule

Week 1:

Ready for your first 30 minute jog. OK, walk for the first 5 minutes at a good pace to warm up. Then mix jogging at an easy pace for 1 to 2 minutes with walking for 5 minutes at a time. Repeat 3 times with the last 5 minutes walking as part of your cool down routine. How was that? If you are out of breath – you are going too fast. Your breathing during your running training schedule should not be heavy and you should be able to carry on a conversation during running.

Unfortunately depending on your age, and your fitness level, we all develop at different rates, so you’ll need to judge when to step things up or down a bit. Repeat the above 2-3 times in a week. But take 1-2 days off in between each jog, and make sure you drink lots of water.

Week 2:

We’ll stick with 30 minutes, but this time, after your 5 minute walk out, mix jogging at an easy pace and walking for 2 minutes at a time, repeat 3 times with the 5 minute cool down walk at the end. Aim for 3 sessions in the second week.

Week 3:

Walk for 5 minutes to warm up then mix 3-5 minutes jog with a 2 minute walk, repeat 4 times with 5 minutes walk at the end to cool down. Aim for 3 sessions in week 3. Week 4: Walk for 5 minutes then mix a 7 minute jog and 2 minute walk, repeat 3 times with a 5 minute walk at the end. Do 3 sessions in week 4.

Week 5:

Warm up with a 5 minute walk, then run for 8 minutes and walk for 2 minutes – repeat 3 times. Do not forget to walk at the end for 5 minutes to cool down. Do 4 sessions per week.

Week 6:

Walk for 5 minutes, then jog for 9 minutes and walk for 2 minutes – repeat 3 times with 5 minutes walk at the end. Aim for 4 sessions in week 6.

Week 7:

After your first 5 minutes walk, run for 11 minutes and walk for 1 minute, repeat 3 times finishing with a 5 minute walk to cool down. Do 4 sessions this week.

Week 8:

If you have managed to keep up with this running training schedule so far great, your target this week is 3 sessions with a 30 minute run at the end of the week. If you haven’t kept up, do not feel bad or demotivated. Just progress at your pace, and believe me you will get there. So walk for about 5 minutes, and then jog for about 20 minutes with another 5 minutes walk at the end. The goal here is to jog for 20 minutes without stopping. In the next session, move onto 25 minutes, starting and finishing with 5 minutes walk. During session 3, you can do your first 30 minute run without stopping, starting with 5 minutes walking as usual. After a 30 minute run, that’s enough! Just walk home to cool down.

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