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Physio for CrossFit? How about CrossFit as Physio.

Physio for CrossFit? How about CrossFit as Physio.

CrossFit? It’s kind of a big deal. There are over a dozen CrossFit boxes in the NCR (lingo alert: a CrossFit gym is referred to as a “box”). Our most popular post ever was on physiotherapy for CrossFit. Everybody is doing it! You might want to be doing it…but it’s super intimidating for people who aren’t familiar with gym workouts or are trying to get back into working out after an injury.

Okay, so you’re not as fit as that girl. What does all this have to do with physiotherapy? Well, many of our physiotherapists also do CrossFit, because it’s comprised of strength and conditioning training that focuses on form and function. Important things to people who help you with injuries and want to prevent you from getting injured. So thanks to a pilot program that’s started at the Orleans Clinic, we’re now offering classes as part of our physiotherapy services.

Dubbed “CrossFit light” by one of the program’s first participants, we’re offering small total conditioning workout classes on Monday and Wednesday nights under the direction of Alex Howard, a certified CrossFit coach and CrossFit Games competitor from Physics CrossFit. They aren’t CrossFit classes, but they will help get you set up for tackling CrossFit at your local box!

Wanna train with that dude in the red shorts? Talk to your physio.

It’s not suitable for all cases, but this program has been set up primarily to help bridge the gap between your physiotherapy treatments in the clinic and getting you active out in the real world. Alex’s job is to teach you how to do weight-bearing movements the right way to prevent re-injury. Each class consists of a warm-up, a couple of lifts, and a conditioning workout that’ll kick your butt. Keeping the classes small means you’re getting the attention and corrections that sometimes aren’t possible in a full-sized class. You’re also getting focused direction from someone who is working directly with your physiotherapist, meaning he knows exactly where your injuries stand.

Want to see if our total conditioning workout classes could be part of your physio regime? You can set up an appointment to discuss it with your physiotherapist by calling our Orleans, Barrhaven or Westboro office. The program is currently only being offered in Orleans, so if you do get the okay, you’ll have to call the Orleans office to book in for a class.

Have you got questions about the classes? Leave them in the comments below!

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