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OPTSC Presents: Andrew!

OPTSC Presents: Andrew!

Since we’re all about the personal touch here at OPTSC, it’s only appropriate that we help you get to know our team, personally. Our 6’2″ physiotherapist Andrew Dings likes long walks on the beach…

That’s Andrew!

C’mon, of course that’s not what we meant. We are going to tell you a bit about Andrew though. First off, we’re going to tell you why he decided to enter the world of physiotherapy. Funnily enough, it’s because he wanted to teach. That might make you wonder why he didn’t just become a teacher. Well, turns out the only class he really liked in high school was exercise science. Go figure.That led him to thinkin’ he might want to teach it himself when he grew up.

Andrew aptly decided to start with an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa…where the only thing he liked was physio. So he decided to roll with it, figuring he could teach people about health and well being through physiotherapy. He enrolled in the Masters of Physiotherapy at UofO and was so keen on it he started working reception in the clinic before his Masters had even started. He’s been a part of OPTSC ever since.

If you’ve ever had a treatment with Andrew, you’ll realize he’s a natural teacher. To make sure you’re clear about his methods, he explains everything while he’s doing it. You’ll appreciate knowing what’s going on, especially if he’s doing manual therapy (one of his favourite types of treatment, where he helps to get joint surfaces moving against one another in the way they should be moving). He’s super laid back, so don’t be shy if you’ve got any questions; Andrew is straightforward and thorough with his answers. His favourite injuries to treat? Lower back. Good thing, since low back and neck pain are the things he treats most often.

Like to curl? Run? Volley? So does Andrew. In his youth he was quite the curler, although he doesn’t do much of it now. He gets his sports fix through volleyball, and of course with those long legs he’s a runner. A distance runner though, and he’s training for his second 1/2 marathon this May. He also snowboards, cross country skis, plays soccer, plays ultimate frisbee…the list goes on. On top of sports, and helping old ladies cross the street, Andrew volunteers as a medical trainer with the Myers Jr. Riders of the Quebec Junior Football League. So he’s obviously knowledgeable about MANY different injuries, but if you’re looking for someone who won’t judge you for dislocating your shoulder throwing a “biter,” he’s your guy.

Andrew diving in Honduras

If you want to talk about something other than injuries or sports during a treatment, try travel! Andrew loves it, and has been to: Ireland, France, Cuba, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Honduras. Don’t worry though, he won’t brag all through your appointment. On top of everything else, Andrew’s nothing other than professional.

Andrew Dings works primarily out of our Westboro location. To book an appointment with him, please call: 613-728-4160

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