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Moving forward: we’re now on social media!

Moving forward: we’re now on social media!

We spend a lot of our time making sure YOU are in a place where you can move freely without pain or discomfort. That doesn’t leave much time for us to cruise the internet, looking for physiotherapy related comics to post (it takes way more time than you’d think…)


As a way to help keep us moving forward towards serving you best, we’re going to use the bit of time that we do have to make sure our social media pages are helping you keep up to date on what’s happening in the clinic, in the world of physiotherapy, and in the sports circles around Ottawa.

Follow us on Twitter to keep on top of a little bit of everything from new physio studies to happenings around Ottawa

Like us on Facebook for up to date info about what’s happening in the clinics and links to our newest blog posts.

Speaking of, you might have noticed we’ve got a fancy new layout here on the blog! You can follow along here too, and feel free to post your feedback in the comments.

Even with all these fancy new things, if you need to book an appointment the best way is still to call your clinic of choice. Then you can ask to be set up with our online booking system. Welcome to the Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics of the future!

Orleans Clinic: 613-830-3466          Westboro Clinic: 613-728-4160        Barrhaven Clinic: 613-825-8548

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